7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Caterpillar® generators

We live in a world where it is impossible to be without power. If you’re looking for a high quality, reliable and durable generator for an alternate power source, a Caterpillar® generator should be on your list. They come in a variety of models, sizes and power levels ideal for different needs of customers across all industries. Diesel generator sets are used widely in commercial and industrial applications because of their ability to manage large loads of power output.

High Quality & Reliable

Caterpillar® generators are built with commercial-grade components to ensure they can handle the tough demands of industrial work. They come in a variety of models and power levels, but all Caterpillar® generator sets meet or exceed industry standards for quality control, performance and efficiency.
Caterpillar® generators are designed to run continuously without failure under heavy loads. High quality parts are designed for long-term use and are a cost-efficient power solution as you probably won’t have to face many repairs. You’ll be able to enjoy the value of your investment for years to come and for a variety of purposes.

Australia-Wide Support

Caterpillar® is the world’s leading manufacturer of generators, with extensive nationwide support and largest parts division in Australia that makes them stand out from other brands. Caterpillar® generators are built to last and have access to spare parts during times when you require repairs or maintenance for your generator. You won’t have to spend a long time waiting for parts or spending more money importing them from overseas. Since Caterpillar® generators are fully backed in Australia, you know that they have your back too when you need reliable power.

Easy To Maintain & Clean

Caterpillar® generator sets come with an enclosed engine compartment, which prevents dirt from entering the machine while ensuring optimal cooling performance during operation. This makes Caterpillar® generators easy-to- maintain and clean. The cabinets are fully enclosed to protect the generator from dirt, dust or other contaminants that could damage its components over time. This means you’ll be able to keep your Cat® generators in great condition for a long time with minimal investment of time and effort.

Affordability & Cost-Efficiency

Cat® generators are designed to be cost-efficient power solutions that you’ll love. The generator sets come with a range of features and options, which makes them suitable for multiple applications across different industries.
Cat® generators provide high quality performance at competitive rates compared to other brands, so you know your investment will pay off in the long run without cutting into your budget. They are designed to run continuously without failure under heavy loads, which means you’ll be able to get the most out of your Caterpillar® generator set.

Extended Warranties

Cat® generators are backed by superior warranties that make them stand out from other brands. Caterpillar® offers extended warranties of up to 10 years for their generators, which is much longer than the industry standard for warranty periods at 2 to 3 years.

Wide range of Generator Sizes

Caterpillar® generators come in a variety of models and power levels to suit the needs of your business. They are available in both portable and stationary models, with different power output levels. Caterpillar® generator sets can be used for small-scale applications or to supply continuous backup power at large sites.

At EGH, we have a wide range of Cat® generators from 7.5 kva to 1250kva for back-up or permanent power solutions. With both new and used Cat® generators available for different applications, you can depend on EGH and Caterpillar® for your generator needs.

24/7 Customer Service & Support from EGH

Caterpillar® generators are backed by your local Victorian generator providers, Eastern Generators. We have a team of dedicated technicians and electricians to provide technical support and service for your Caterpillar® generator sets. Whether you need installation, handling, delivery and maintenance for Cat® generators, we’ve got your back with our 24/7 customer support service. You can rely on the quality of Cat® generator sets and our service to keep your business running as usual.

Why You Should Get a Quality Generator from a Good Generator Provider

When you’re planning on hiring or buying a generator in Victoria, are you confident in the services your generator supplier is offering you?
You want to have a generator in place that you can set and forget without having to worry about how it is running. Getting someone who you know is reliable, transparent and dependable can give you peace of mind knowing that you’re able to operate your business as usual without the stress of dealing with something you don’t have a lot of knowledge and experience in.

We understand how important it is to get back on the job as quickly as you can!

That’s why we have 24/7 support to address any issues and concerns you may have with your power needs.

At EGH, you’ll receive an end-to-end customer service experience:

  • Trained, qualified and experienced technicians
  • 24/7 complete package services: delivery, installation, refuelling, disconnection and removal
  • Emergency services so you can have access to power anywhere anytime
  • A wide range of generators suitable for specific needs

Take the stress out of getting access to reliable power with us! Let us know what you’ll need a generator for including emergency, temporary or permanent power.

Final Notes

Caterpillar® generators are designed to be cost-efficient power solutions that you’ll love. Caterpillar® generator sets come with a variety of features and options, which makes them suitable for multiple applications across different industries. You can trust the quality and durability of Cat® generators and our level of service and support dedicated to always connecting you to power.

If you’d like to find out more information about new or used Caterpillar® generators, get in touch with us today.

Eastern-Generator-Hire 0397390938

Are Diesel Generators Better Than Petrol Generators?

Petrol generators are less common as diesel generators become the more reliable option. Diesel generators are often more expensive than petrol, but they provide many benefits that may outweigh the price difference. It can be difficult to make the best decision when there is so much conflicting information out there about these two types of generators.

The best generator for you needs to be able to meet your requirements because if a generator is considered the best for someone else, it might not be for you. To discover your perfect generator, you’ll need to decide between the features of petrol and diesel as an alternative source of power.

Diesel Generators

A diesel generator uses the power from an internal combustion engine to provide electricity. A motor turns a crankshaft which powers pistons that create heat and pressure inside the cylinders. This heat and pressure turn the fuel into a mist that is then burnt to create energy. The exhaust from this combustion creates more power which goes through an alternator creating electricity.

What are the benefits of diesel generators ?

Diesel generators provide many unique benefits such as:

Fuel Efficiency

Diesel generators can produce more power than petrol generators because the fuel efficiency allows them to last longer per tank of diesel which means that they will run for a longer amount of time without needing to be refilled or any other maintenance work. This makes these types of generators great choices if you are going to be using it for a long time.


Diesel generators are known for being more durable than petrol generators. Diesel generators are built with rugged and heavy duty parts and materials that protect the internal parts such as the diesel engine from wear and tear which means you’ll be able to use these types of generator for a longer time without having any issues. This means that you’ll likely require less repairs in the future as they are made to withstand many conditions and are built to last.

Wide Range of Features

Diesel generators provide many features that are great for specific purposes. Some of these include:

Large Fuel Tanks

If you plan on using your generator for a long time, then diesel generators with larger fuel tanks will last longer than petrol generators which need refilling often. This is perfect if you’re going to be away from power for extended periods of time.

Powers Multiple Electric Devices

Diesel generators are the way to go since they can power more than just one device at a time. This means that it will be able to handle large appliances without having any issues working with them.

Noise Level

Depending on the type of diesel generator you choose, it can have additional features such as being a silent generator. This doesn’t mean that they’re silent, but the generators can be super quiet operating at around 50 to 60 decibels which is as loud as a conversation in an office or a restaurant. You should note that diesel generators are generally considered louder than petrol generators, so depending on the one you choose they can run quieter when you need them to.

Disadvantages of Diesel Generators

High initial upfront cost

If you’re planning on buying a diesel generator, they are more expensive than petrol generators. They are made of high quality parts to make the machine durable and long-lasting. Diesel generators come in a range of different sizes from more small and portable generators to larger industrial generators.
If you’re looking to use a high-powered diesel generator for a short period as a temporary alternate power source, you can look at hiring a generator from Eastern Generators. We have a range of different sized diesel generators for hire including silent generators. Get in touch with us to enquire more about our generator and services

High maintenance and repair costs

Another disadvantage of diesel generators is that they require higher maintenance and repair costs than petrol generators. This means that you’ll have to spend more money in the long run for keeping it running smoothly which can add up quickly if you’re planning on using your generator for many years.

Petrol Generators

A petrol generator uses a small internal combustion engine to run an electrical generator. The fuel is mixed with air and burnt inside the cylinder causing it to expand. This expansion creates pressure that pushes pistons down which then turn crankshafts creating energy through electromagnetic coils which produce electricity for use by your appliances, tools and any other electrical components of your home or business.

Although petrol generators are generally less popular, they do have some advantages that diesel generators don’t. These include:


Petrol generators tend to be cheaper than their counterparts which makes them a great choice if you’re operating on a budget or need something for occasional use. Petrol is also easier to find than diesel which is why these generators are perfect for outdoor activities like camping.


Petrol generators are generally much smaller than diesel which means that they’re easier to store and transport. This makes them great for someone on the move or who needs a generator on-the-go, especially if you need to take it with you often. These are particularly useful for outdoor leisure activity and powering small electrical appliances.

Less maintenance

Petrol generators are generally less expensive to maintain than diesel generators which is another reason why they’re great for occasional use. They require little to no maintenance at all which means that you can just set it up, turn it on and use your appliances without having to spend money for repairs or upkeep.

These types of generators also have some disadvantages that you should know about. These include:

Fuel Consumption

Petrol generators use petrol as fuel which means that they need to be refilled often, making them less efficient and more expensive in the long run.

Lack of Power

Although petrol generators are cheaper than diesel generators, they’re generally not as powerful when it comes to high-power requirements. If you need a generator for a large amount of appliances or devices, petrol generators will struggle in this situation and may not be able to keep up with your electrical needs.

Choosing a Generator

To decide on which generator to go with, you need to consider how you’ll be using your generator. Before purchasing or hiring one, make sure that it’s the right machine for you and make a note of what tasks or appliances that you’re planning on powering with it. You also want to decide whether diesel is worth the extra cost over petrol before investing in a new generator; this will save you money later down the line.

Determine the most important features you’ll need your generator to have. If you require a temporary power solution for an event to power multiple electrical devices such as sound and lighting, then you may like to consider a portable diesel generator that has enough power for your event and quiet enough that it won’t disrupt your guests.

If you require your generator to power more than small equipment, appliances or for leisure activities, you might want to consider hiring or buying a diesel generator over petrol generators. Read more on hiring or buying a generator if you’re unsure about what situation is better for you.

If you’re still unsure about which type of diesel generator is suitable for your situation, you can get in touch with our friendly team to help you with the type and size of your generator for your needs.

How many hours can a generator run for

How many hours can a generator run for?

A generator is a great way to ensure that you have access to reliable power when needed. Generators can be used for a wide range of purposes including during a power outage, on construction sites, for events and even outdoor camping activities.

Whether you are looking for a portable generator or one that is permanently installed, it’s important to know how many hours the generator can run on a single tank of fuel. How long your generator will last will depend on the size of the generator, what type of power it is running off of and how much load the appliance being powered by the generator has.

Portable Petrol Generators

There are many types of portable generators that vary in terms of the type of fuel, load size and functionality. These generators are amongst the most portable and common generators that support small loads such as power tools in your shed, outdoor camping situations or electrical appliances for emergencies at home.

As generators go they are the smallest compared to other generators because of their fuel tank and limited run time. Depending on the size of your generator, you can expect portable petrol or propane generators to run for a couple of hours up to 12 hours or more based on the size of the fuel tank.

Since fuel tanks are usually smaller, you’ll need to refuel portable propane generators more often as you continue to use it. This might be inconvenient especially if you are using a portable generator for an extended period of time. Smaller generators such as petrol or propane models might not run more than 12-15 hours before requiring refuelling. How long it lasts before refuelling will depend on the size of the fuel tank. Larger models can run for up to 18 hours with one full load of petrol depending on its wattage.

Prime Power and Standby Power Generators

If you’re looking to run large power loads continuously for long durations, prime power diesel generators are the best option. Industrial diesel generators generally have larger fuel tanks, are not as portable (you can’t just put it in the back of your truck or boot), able to power larger multiple devices or loads at once and are capable of longer run times. Similar to petrol generators with propane tanks, the run time of diesel generators depends on the size of their fuel tank.

You can buy or hire small, medium or large generators with varying fuel tank sizes. You can expect larger diesel generators to run for 500 hours at a time which is equal to three weeks of continuous use, however where possible it is recommended that you turn off your generator when not in use. This might be a bit difficult for standby generators as they turn off automatically.

The difference between prime power and standby generators is that standby generators operate automatically when the system detects the main power source has been cut off. This makes it ideal for home back-up power solutions when your home or business loses power from a blackout and then you’ll immediately be connected to an alternate power source. Prime power generators can be turned on or off when you need it to, so they’re capable of running for longer periods of time continuously.

Diesel generators have larger fuel tanks, which means that they can run longer before requiring refuelling. If you require the generator to provide power for your business, this will make a huge difference in terms of costs and management. How many hours a diesel generator can run on one tank of fuel depends entirely on how much it’s being used, its size and type.

If you need a diesel power generator immediately for emergency or other purposes, get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll assist with choosing the right diesel generator for your power solutions.

How to Choose the Right Generator

If you want to know what generator is best, you should ask yourself a couple of key questions before choosing the right generator for your power needs. How long your generator will last depends on the size of it and how you’re going to use it. You don’t want to hire or buy a generator that has too much capacity for your requirements.


What are you using your generator for?

  • Do you need it immediately for a temporary or permanent power solution?
  • Did you want to purchase or hire a generator?
  • Where or what are you planning on using it for? i.e. events, construction sites, commercial buildings, schools, aged care centres, shopping centres, businesses

How long do you need to have your generator run for?

  • Do you need it to run continuously?
  • How long is the duration that you need to run it for?

What do you need to power using the generator? (Sizing your generator)

  1. Make a list of all the appliances and equipment you may be using
  2. Check what unit of measurement your generator might be sized in such as kilowatts (kW) or kilo-volt-amperes (kVA)
  3. Provide the unit of measurement (such as voltage, wattage) for the appliances or equipment you’ll need to power and convert them if necessary into the same unit of measurement. Make a note of both starting and running voltage/wattage.
  4. Convert these units into the same unit your generator is sized in
  5. Determine how many devices you’ll need to run at any given time. This will make you aware of the highest starting wattage equipment and what else you’ll likely need to run. 
  6. Adding up all these devices will give you an estimated power outage you’ll need.

If you’re still unsure about the right diesel generator for your power needs, get in touch with our friendly team. We’ll be able to help you choose the best option based on your requirements. You’ll be able to get access to our comprehensive service by our qualified and experienced technicians who’ll take care of any installation, handling, and delivery when you need it 24/7.

How to Service a Diesel Generator with a Professional

Diesel generators are an effective solution for any business and industry that requires a reliable alternative to power. An industrial diesel generator is useful in times of planned and unplanned power outages.

 Standby generators are useful in off-grid and backup situations. Prime power generators are useful in emergency situations, business and construction sites. No matter the situation, you’ll need to rely on a high quality diesel generator to continue operating your home or business. 

Be Cost-Effective with a Reliable & Quality Generator 

Getting a diesel generator may be expensive at first, but they can be cost-effective when it’s a quality, durable and reliable machine. Diesel generators can get very expensive later on when large parts require repairs or replacements. When you don’t have access to those parts locally, international imports from your supplier may take longer and cost even more.


Caterpillar® is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of diesel generator sets. They are trusted for their reliability, durability and quality power systems. As a major brand in Australia, access to the largest spare parts division means there’s spare parts or support services for CAT® Generators. 

We’ve got a range of new and used CAT® Generator sets for sale. With EGH you’ll have access to the high quality generators and comprehensive after sales support. You don’t need to stress about installation, handling and maintenance when we’ve got your back.

Ensure Preventative Maintenance with a Good Generator Supplier

The best way to keep your diesel generator in good working condition is through regular maintenance service from where you got your generator from such as a manufacturer or supplier.

So, you need to think about the after support services as well as the sales process. That way your generator can keep running well and doing what it needs to do.

Here’s how to make sure you’re making the right choice in choosing a good generator supplier:

  1. Are they reliable, trustworthy and dependable?
    Do some research before committing to anything. Check their online and their website to see if there’s any reviews and testimonials with past experiences.You need a generator to keep your business running. It’s important that when you need it, the generator will be there for you. You don’t have time to stress and think about running your generator, your qualified technician should be able to do that for you.EGH’s comprehensive sales and after sales support services are available 24/7 to ensure that you’ll always have access to reliable power when you need it.
  2. What are their services like?
    Are they professional, attentive to your generator requirements and offer helpful assistance?If you’ve recently hired a generator, what are the support services offered for you to continue to maintain and use your generator?EGH offers handling, delivery and installation services as well as on-site refuelling when you need to quickly refuel.Make sure it’s clear the terms and conditions you’re agreeing to including details of warranty if you’ve decided to buy a generator.
  3. Are they qualified, experienced and licensed?
    You’ll feel more confident about the company’s services when they have access to a team of fully qualified and experienced electricians and technicians. With a large industrial equipment that requires proper professional handling and installation, you’d want this process to be as easy as possible to continue carrying out your business.If you’re not confident in the professional services provided by your supplier, why would you risk it?EGH’s team of experienced generator technicians have got your back by keeping you on track with easy access to power. If you’ve got any questions about our generator services, feel free to get in touch.

Does Your Supplier Have a Good Maintenance System? 

With any large piece of equipment or machinery, you’d want to know if it’s been well-maintained for use. A regularly serviced generator will give you confidence knowing that your generator is properly looked after.

We hope all suppliers have a regular and routine generator maintenance plan in the system to check that generator components are in good working order. When a generator is in use it’s important that your technician checks the fuel system (such as the fuel tank), cooling system, engine oil level. With close monitoring, a qualified technician can identify any problems that may affect your power supply. 

Final Notes 

If you’re hiring a generator, it’s a good idea to ask what level of service they’ll provide for the generator. You’ll have confidence your generator is reliable and safe to use, knowing that your provider is monitoring the performance and fuel levels of your generator. It’ll give you peace of mind knowing that someone trained and qualified will take care of your generator so that you can focus on running your business. 

If there’s anything you’re unsure about with getting started with a generator, get in touch with us at EGH.

The Ultimate Guide to Generator Hire in Melbourne

The Ultimate Guide to Generator Hire in Melbourne

If you’re on the lookout to buy or hire a generator in Melbourne to keep your home or business running, then you’re probably aware of just how many options are out there. If you need a power source to keep things running, then a generator is probably what you’re looking for. Generators are known for their back-up power solutions, as well as providing a variety of personal or commercial uses. 

Whether you’re planning on buying or hiring, your number #1 focus will be deciding on the right generator to meet your power needs.

Before you start researching relevant information and setting up a list of pros and cons, you need to keep in mind the function and capabilities of the generator you need. When you know your requirements, getting the right generator can be as simple as going directly to a generator supplier and asking about the options available for you.

We’ve created a detailed guide to understand the basics behind generators and what to know to get the right one no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Getting a generator can be stressful, especially when it’s an emergency. We’re here to make it simple for you, by taking care of installation and providing you with a comprehensive on-call after sales support service in hiring a generator in Victoria.

What is a generator?

While a generator does supply power, it doesn’t create it, rather they convert mechanical energy into electrical energy the same as what power outlets connected to the grid provide. But, generators aren’t connected to an electrical grid- this is what makes them ideal for back-up power when a reliable power source just isn’t available.

Why would you need a generator?

Generally speaking, a generator can be used anywhere for anything that requires electricity to function. We’ve listed below some of the most common uses for personal and commercial/industrial reasons why you or your business may need a generator. 

Generators can be used anywhere, anytime, and for anything that requires electricity to function. If you or your business find that you’re in the following situations, you’ll likely need a generator.

For Emergency Power

Extreme weather conditions, such as a natural disaster, can leave you urgently in need of a generator. 

Blackouts or other power outages can leave you without working appliances that homes and businesses need to operate, like refrigerators, lights, computers, and more. 

Residential and commercial buildings have different generator requirements. Make sure you’ve read the right reports on what you should do in the event of a power outage, and contact your local council for updates. 

If you’re unsure about what to do in an emergency power outage, get in touch with us we’re open 24/7 to respond to any enquiries. 

Generator-Rental-Melbourne 0397390938 https://www.egh.net.au/

Personal Use Generators

Generators can be used for a variety of purposes, from powering small appliances or tools to generating a back-up power solution for your entire home. 

If you have a house that’s off-grid, getting a generator might be something you could benefit from investing in. If you find yourself in an emergency like a sudden weather event, a back-up generator can provide essential electricity that could get you the help or supplies you need.

If you enjoy travelling or camping, you might have noticed some outdoor camp sites or off-grid lodges don’t always come with access to electricity. Portable or small generators for camping can help you be sure you can recharge mobile phones and medical devices, power portable stove tops or kettles, or have an adequate light source. 

No matter what generator you have or what you’re using it for, you always need to carefully read the safety guidelines provided in the user manual. Some generators need to be professionally installed, so always be sure to seek advice from a qualified technician to avoid injury or serious faults. 

At EGH, our experienced generator technicians are fully qualified to professionally install your generators. Get in touch with us to see how we can help with your generator needs.

Why Choose Eastern Generators
Hire or Buy A Generator

Commercial & Industrial Generators

Businesses need to provide goods and services, and they can’t do that without power. Whether severe weather conditions are impacting an office’s electricity, or a power outage shuts down a shop, businesses need reliable and adequate access to power.

The types of generators businesses need differ from those needed for personal use, like in a home. This is because a commercial or industrial business generally needs power for a larger scale operation, and that requires a power capacity much greater than that needed for a suburban house.  

Generators are often used in industries like:

On construction sites, an industrial generator can be used to power tools, cranes, lighting systems and much more. Industries with similar working requirements include agricultural, manufacturing, trade, and essential services such as waste, gas and water. Because industrial sites often can’t afford power outages, back-up generators are essential on job sites to avoid losing time, money, and putting worker safety at risk.

In the case of commercial buildings, a commercial generator can keep businesses running so that people can do their jobs during a planned power outage or unplanned blackouts. 

Common examples of industries that may require a commercial generator: 

  • Education: schools, childcare centres universities 
  • Healthcare: hospitals, nursing homes, general practices
  • Retail Trade: shopping centres, independent supermarkets, retail stores 
  • Hospitality: hotels, restaurants, cafes 

Different types of generators may be more suitable to cover your business’ power needs, depending on the specific industry you operate in.

Generators for large scale operations

In the event of a planned or unplanned power outage we recommend seeking immediate professional assistance from your local generator provider. EG provides 24/7 service support for all your permanent or temporary power solutions with our team of highly skilled technicians. 

For more information about our services including immediate response emergency power, contact us today.

If you’re looking to power your next indoor or outdoor event, you’re probably in need of a temporary event generator to run any lights, speakers, equipment, computers, electric instruments, microphones, or machines. Making sure you’re hiring the right generator can give you the peace of mind that your event can run smoothly with a reliable, dependable power supply.

If you’re looking to hire a generator in Melbourne, EG can assist a range of events, such as: 

  • Concerts & festivals: From small concerts to outdoor music festivals, generators can power sound, speakers, lighting and music entertainment equipment to keep the whole show running. 
  • Film, television and theatre: Generators can keep your film shoot on time, your show on the air, and your theatre production from an early intermission. The right generator can power cameras, microphones, sound boards, lighting, and special effects equipment in a variety of settings.
  • Food & drink: Commercial sized generators can provide energy to power a large amount of trucks and stalls. That way, food and drinks can be kept at the right temperature, and event organisers can avoid hungry and dehydrated attendees.
  • Corporate, social & educational events: Conferences, fundraising events, and educational expos need to keep their presentations running and their microphones on. A generator can make you sure no one has to go home early, and your event is presented clearly and professionally.
  • Sporting events: Systems for lighting and broadcasting require dependable event power, to ensure sporting fans have access to live or recorded events without dropping out during major sporting moments. 
  • Weddings: If your wedding destination requires power in a remote location, a generator for weddings can maintain food, drinks, lighting, and sound systems to keep the perfect day a dream, and not a nightmare.
  • Other private parties: Keep guests happy and entertained with the right temperature control, lighting and music or sound systems for large gatherings. 

To help you indicate to your generator provider what kind of generator you might need for your event, you’ll need to consider:

  • The location of your event
  • The size of your event
  • What equipment you’ll need to power during your event
  • The amount of people attending your event
  • The length of time you might require the generator for

If you think you’ll need a large generator to power an event that would need professional installation, enquire about EG’s event services. We provide a wide range of accessories including cable ramps, cabling, extension leads, stand up switchboards and distribution boards that can assist in setting up your event. 

What To Consider When Hiring A Generator

No matter what situation you find yourself needing a generator for, take a moment to consider where, what, and how you need the generator to supply power for you.

A generator provider can give you advice on particular models and their hire rates, sizing, power levels, and other features like generator accessories. By thinking about what you need before hiring a generator, you can assist your generator provider in making sure you’re fitted with the right generator for the job.

What You Need To Ask Yourself Before Hiring A Generator:

If you’re looking for power tools or similar equipment, something that requires a small-scale power solution then a portable generator is probably enough to do the job. Stationary generators are designed for commercial, industrial or back-up that require larger output power.  

Based on the type of generator, portable (single phase) or stationary (three phase), will depend on how much power you’ll need.

You’ll need to look at what appliances or equipment will need power and how long they need to run for. Estimating how much power you’ll need can give you a better idea of the generator size. 

You need to consider both fuel efficiency and fuel tank capacity if you require a generator to operate large loads or for long periods of time.

If you require a generator to complete work on a job site, it must meet WorkCover safety standards. For more safety information about specific generator models, please contact your generator supplier for more details.

Some silent generators are specifically designed to be quiet and are ideal for use in built-up or residential areas. Silent generators can operate at a noise level as low as between 40 and 60 decibels. 40 decibels is equal to a library or a quiet office, while 60 decibels is as loud as a normal conversion.

Once all the essential generator items have been taken care of, you can decide on other features, such as remote, key-start or automatic start up functions. Fuel options might be something you’d like to consider as well- where generators typically run on petrol or diesel, some can operate as bio diesel generators for a more environmentally friendly option.

You can ask your generator hire supplier whether you’ll likely need to refuel. EG offers on-site refueling to ensure your power continues running so you can focus on your providing for your business or work.

You can talk to your generator hire provider about what sort of accessories are compatible with the generator. Whether it’s for events, supplying power to a building or industrial site, EGH has load banks, cable ramps/covers, distribution boards and other generator accessories.

If you would like some guidelines in answering any of these questions, additional information is provided below. Otherwise, get in touch with our friendly team at EGH where we can assist in your generator enquiries about our services.

Types of Generators

Large and small generators are available in an extensive range, with many product types and models. While this can give you a lot of great options, it can also be difficult to tell the difference between them. 

Generators can be classified into a single-phase system or a three-phase system.  Your choice depends on the power output level for your purpose. 

A single-phase generator is ideal for conventional purposes, such as appliances that require small loads. A three-phase generator is more suitable for larger commercial or industrial applications, such as for events, hospitals, or work sites.

Conventional Generators

(Single Phase)
These generators can be used for a range of purposes by individuals or businesses. Their smaller size and power output means that they’re portable, light and quiet. They’re usually used for recreational activities, such as outdoor camping and caravanning, or to run tools on a worksite that only need a small power source. This category also includes portable generators and inverter generators.

Portable Generators

This type of generator uses a combustion engine to directly conduct alternating currents (AC). They can be powered by petrol or diesel to provide a source of practical and temporary power and are relatively inexpensive.

Inverter Generators

An inverter differs from a conventional portable generator because it generates energy in three phases by conducting AC to produce direct current (DC) then ‘inverts’ it back to AC. Although they do not generate as much power, they are considered easier to move and have better portability than fuel-powered portable generators.

Stationary Generators

(Three Phase)
This category of generators are typically used for business, commercial or industrial sites, but can also be used for second homes in off-grid locations where a larger power source is needed. They require professional installation to have them up and running correctly and safely.

Standby Generators

Standby generators provide a safety net for backup power when an outage occurs. These generators are only used during an emergency, because they automatically start when power is lost. An automatic transfer switch (if paired) means a standby generator runs continuously until the main power is restored. The standby generator then returns to standby, ready to power up whenever the next blackout occurs.

Prime Power Generators

These differ from standby generators, because they aren’t only used for emergency backups. In industries where there is limited or no electricity to power essential services, industrial equipment, or entire buildings, you might need a prime power generator. A prime power generator can be used for continuous power to large sites, and does not automatically shut off when main power returns.

How much power do you need?

After you know what type of generator you’re looking for, it’s time to determine what’s the best size in that category to get the job done.  

There are just 4 steps to work out what size generator you’ll need: 

1 . Create a list of all the items and equipment that will need to be powered 

2. For each equipment you listed, provide: 

    • The starting wattage (the amount of energy required to turn on the device) 
    • The running wattage (the amount of energy required to operate the device)

3. Ensure that the unit of measurement is the same for all equipment (i.e wattage) 

    • If you’re looking for a generator that is already in watts, then there’s no need for you to convert it to another unit of measurement. 
    • If your generator is sized in kilo-volt-amperes (kVA) or kilowatts (kW), you’ll need to convert to this unit of electrical power.

4. Determine how many devices you’ll need to run at any given time

    • This will make you aware of the highest starting wattage equipment and what else you’ll likely need to run. 
    • Adding up all these devices will give you an estimated power outage you’ll need. 

If you’re unsure, particularly if it’s for a large job, our team can assist you with any information you’d like to enquire about. You can get in touch with our friendly team on 03 9739 0938.

Generator Service and Maintenance

Whether you’re hiring your generator for a short term or long term period, regular service and maintenance is important to keep it in good condition to continue to run. 

You might want to ‘set and forget’ your generator, but not all generators can be left until you need them. Maintenance for your generator depends on what type of generator you have, whether it’s been used before, or whether it was bought or hired.

Generator maintenance can happen periodically for safety reasons, and to ensure the machine continues to run optimally. If you’ve come across a generator issue or there’s no power available, call up your hiring company to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Choosing a Quality Generator Provider

When you’re hiring a generator in Melbourne, what type of service is the generator supplier providing you? 

Your goal is to have a generator in place so that you can focus on your work or business. The hire company should be considering your bottom line and providing services that continue to keep your business running with quick and efficient installations, 24/7 service support, delivery, on-site refuelling or maintenance. 

Picking the wrong service provider can leave you wondering why something that is supposed to be high quality, reliable and durable is failing. Your supplier needs to be dependable, reliable and trustworthy- Do they follow through on the after-sales service? Do they have complete transparency? Are they willing to provide excellent support for any queries, emergency or not?

EG’s comprehensive services leaves you peace of mind towards getting your generator set up and ready to go. If you’re worried about the installation or any after sales support, we’re here to assist you with any queries 24/7. No matter where you are in Victoria, our experienced and friendly team can assist you to ensure you’re back up and running!


We hope this guide has helped you get a better idea of what to know when hiring the right generator for you. Be sure to come back to this guide anytime during your generator hire or purchase to check details and compare your different generator options.

When you get in touch with a generator hiring specialist, they can help you get the best generator possible through the information you provide. Keeping your requirements clear means you can have peace of mind knowing that you have the right power supply for your needs.

At EG, it’s about providing your energy power solutions with our industry-leading services to ensure that you’re always running when you need to. Our 24/7 service team will handle delivery, installation, refueling, and pickup using top-quality equipment for all your power needs. 

Contact us for your generator hiring and sale inquiries, if you need immediate assistance with emergency services for outages please call us at  03 9739 0938. 

Hire or Buy A Generator

When is it Better to Hire or Buy A Generator?

During a power outage when you’ve got no electricity could mean serious trouble when you’re not back online soon. No lights, no computers, and no business is not what you want to hear when you’ve got a busy day.

In these situations, it’s vital that you’ve got a plan in place – a reliable generator to keep things running smoothly when you need it to. Generators are a big investment, so we’ve explained some reasons why you should consider buying or hiring a generator.

The type of generator you choose will depend on your power needs and your budget. Before you need to make any specific generator decisions, we’ll go through when it’s better to hire or buy a generator.

When Should I Consider Hiring a Generator?

Renting a generator from a generator hire company might be a better choice for your situation if you need a quick option to get power up and running. You might only need a generator when the power goes out from a planned or unplanned power outage. Rather than requiring power for an extended period of time, you’re just looking for a short term, temporary solution.

Common situations you may only require a generator for temporary situations include:

  • If your business is located in an area where there’s a power outage or if there’s a big storm coming through soon, it might be better to hire a generator for the time being until things return back to normal.
  • You’re working on an industrial job or construction site in a location that does not have reliable access to electricity to power tools and equipment. You only need an industrial diesel generator during the project.
  • For short periods including overnight, weekends or specific events. A great example here is weddings if the wedding destination is particularly remote and will require power to run the event.

Benefits of Hiring a Generator

Your generator will be in great condition and paired with excellent service.

When it comes to hiring a generator you can be sure that your generator is well-maintained and in excellent working condition. You can rely on Eastern Generators to provide you with everything you need to get your power up and running.

It’s a lot less stressful for you when you’re not an experienced expert in generators. When you hire, our qualified technicians can take care of everything including delivery, handling, installation and maintenance.

Get in touch with EGH’s expert team about your generator needs from emergency assistance to event power solutions.

It’s more cost-effective for short and temporary solutions.

You might only need a generator up until your regular power comes back on or for a couple of days. A generator is a big investment, especially the industrial diesel ones that are meant for larger loads of power. Imagine forking over a large amount of money for an expensive piece of equipment you never know when you’ll use again. Compare it to buying a boat and only going to the beach once a year.

You won’t need to face the large once-off cost of buying a generator, and you don’t have to worry about maintaining and repairing it as well. This can significantly add to the overall costs of owning a generator since their parts are quite large and expensive.

You’ll have more choices to fit your situation, budget and requirements.

In a situation where you’ll require different types of generators for a range of reasons, hiring offers greater flexibility to cater to other jobs and projects. It can be challenging enough finding one single perfect generator, so it’s best to hire one if you need multiple generators or different types of generators. You might not have options available when buying – but hiring gives you more freedom and flexibility with what type of generator you need.

When Should I Consider Buying a Generator?

It’s in your best interest to purchase an industrial diesel generator if you have consistent power needs or plan on using the equipment for long term projects, ongoing jobs or events.

Here are some reasons you might consider buying a generator:

  • You might be working on large scale construction sites that require power throughout the project which will take several months or even years.
  • You might own a business that requires power all the time in order to keep running
  • If you’re in a remote location without reliable access to electricity, a back-up power generator might be useful for a home or business.

Buyers beware! When buying generators it’s good to be aware of potential scams and fake products out there on the market today. You can protect yourself by doing your research and only buy from a reputable generator hire and supplier.

EGH is a reputable generator company offering high quality generators for hire and purchase. We have comprehensive 24/7 after sales support service if you have any questions about our generators. We have a range of generator sets including Caterpillar generators, Staunch and more. If you’d like to know more, get in touch with us today.

Don’t forget the other benefits of owning an industrial diesel generator:

It can be used for many years without any significant maintenance costs except routine servicing and regular oil changes. You can also resell it at a later stage when you no longer need it, which is not an option with generator rentals.

With its long-term benefits in mind, this might be the right choice for you if your business requires consistent power or runs 24/hrs. If that’s the case then buying could save you money over time.

Where to buy or hire a good quality generator?

When you’re in the market for a good quality generator, there are a few things to consider before buying or hiring a generator. Make sure the generator provider is reputable by checking their reviews, testimonials or case studies.

You’ll want to look for a reputable, trusted and experienced company with qualified generator technicians who are reliable and deliver excellent service. It’s important to know what their services are like and what they offer. Getting a generator and having it operational at the start is not an issue, what if something happens and you need a technician to fix the problem? Would they be able to provide you with quick assistance so you can keep doing your job and running your business?

The main thing to remember when hiring a generator is that you want the best quality possible from somebody who can provide excellent service so that your workforce remains productive and efficient throughout the entire process of whatever job or project they are working on.

You can be sure that your generator is well-maintained and in excellent working condition. You can rely on EGH to provide 24/7 comprehensive end-to-end service. Our qualified technicians take care of delivery, handling, installation and maintenance for all our clients. This eliminates the stress and hassle of managing your generator. We’ll make sure to look after it so you don’t have to worry about a thing when the lights go out!

Final Notes

Basically, it boils down to the type of power requirements you have for your situation. For short-term or occasional use then hiring is more cost effective and time efficient for you – especially if having a generator on site only requires temporary power solutions. However, if you want something that’s reliable and offers long term benefits while providing continuous power to your business for many years, buying is the better solution.

If you’re still unsure about what you’re required for your power needs, get in touch with us! We have 24/7 support to ensure you’ve got power that keeps you running.

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