How to Service a Diesel Generator with a Professional

Diesel generators are an effective solution for any business and industry that requires a reliable alternative to power. An industrial diesel generator is useful in times of planned and unplanned power outages.

 Standby generators are useful in off-grid and backup situations. Prime power generators are useful in emergency situations, business and construction sites. No matter the situation, you’ll need to rely on a high quality diesel generator to continue operating your home or business. 

Be Cost-Effective with a Reliable & Quality Generator 

Getting a diesel generator may be expensive at first, but they can be cost-effective when it’s a quality, durable and reliable machine. Diesel generators can get very expensive later on when large parts require repairs or replacements. When you don’t have access to those parts locally, international imports from your supplier may take longer and cost even more.


Caterpillar® is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of diesel generator sets. They are trusted for their reliability, durability and quality power systems. As a major brand in Australia, access to the largest spare parts division means there’s spare parts or support services for CAT® Generators. 

We’ve got a range of new and used CAT® Generator sets for sale. With EGH you’ll have access to the high quality generators and comprehensive after sales support. You don’t need to stress about installation, handling and maintenance when we’ve got your back.

Ensure Preventative Maintenance with a Good Generator Supplier

The best way to keep your diesel generator in good working condition is through regular maintenance service from where you got your generator from such as a manufacturer or supplier.

So, you need to think about the after support services as well as the sales process. That way your generator can keep running well and doing what it needs to do.

Here’s how to make sure you’re making the right choice in choosing a good generator supplier:

  1. Are they reliable, trustworthy and dependable?
    Do some research before committing to anything. Check their online and their website to see if there’s any reviews and testimonials with past experiences.You need a generator to keep your business running. It’s important that when you need it, the generator will be there for you. You don’t have time to stress and think about running your generator, your qualified technician should be able to do that for you.EGH’s comprehensive sales and after sales support services are available 24/7 to ensure that you’ll always have access to reliable power when you need it.
  2. What are their services like?
    Are they professional, attentive to your generator requirements and offer helpful assistance?If you’ve recently hired a generator, what are the support services offered for you to continue to maintain and use your generator?EGH offers handling, delivery and installation services as well as on-site refuelling when you need to quickly refuel.Make sure it’s clear the terms and conditions you’re agreeing to including details of warranty if you’ve decided to buy a generator.
  3. Are they qualified, experienced and licensed?
    You’ll feel more confident about the company’s services when they have access to a team of fully qualified and experienced electricians and technicians. With a large industrial equipment that requires proper professional handling and installation, you’d want this process to be as easy as possible to continue carrying out your business.If you’re not confident in the professional services provided by your supplier, why would you risk it?EGH’s team of experienced generator technicians have got your back by keeping you on track with easy access to power. If you’ve got any questions about our generator services, feel free to get in touch.

Does Your Supplier Have a Good Maintenance System? 

With any large piece of equipment or machinery, you’d want to know if it’s been well-maintained for use. A regularly serviced generator will give you confidence knowing that your generator is properly looked after.

We hope all suppliers have a regular and routine generator maintenance plan in the system to check that generator components are in good working order. When a generator is in use it’s important that your technician checks the fuel system (such as the fuel tank), cooling system, engine oil level. With close monitoring, a qualified technician can identify any problems that may affect your power supply. 

Final Notes 

If you’re hiring a generator, it’s a good idea to ask what level of service they’ll provide for the generator. You’ll have confidence your generator is reliable and safe to use, knowing that your provider is monitoring the performance and fuel levels of your generator. It’ll give you peace of mind knowing that someone trained and qualified will take care of your generator so that you can focus on running your business. 

If there’s anything you’re unsure about with getting started with a generator, get in touch with us at EGH.

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