Eastern Generators stock a wide range of new and used, ex-fleet generators for sale. We stock only the most reliable, industry leading brands that come with a full manufacturer’s warranty, plus Eastern Generator’s maintenance plans to give you that extra confidence when you buy. Our experienced team can design a generator package to suit your specific needs, including a full site assessment and all electrical and installation works as required. Whatever your project or industry, Eastern Generators have generators for sale to suit your needs. With all sizes available, we can solve your power problems.

We Provide Generator Sales and Hire Support to Anyone in Need

Having backup electricity can save your business and even allow you to operate off the grid, which is why we believe anyone can benefit from our generator sales. Whether you need a backup generator for a shopping mall, your business event, or a party, we can accommodate new and used options. You can always trust Eastern Generators to meet your generator needs.

What You Can Expect from Our Team and Generators in Melbourne

Our team can meet a wide variety of your generator needs to help keep your supply of power up and running. Here are some services you can expect from us when you need generators:
  • We sell new and used generators to accommodate anyone’s budget. We make sure that every unit we sell is in working condition and can deliver to your demands as required. Our options for new generators include Staunch Machinery and Caterpillar. For those who want a used generator, we provide the entire service history and load bank reports for extra security.
  • If you aren’t ready to buy yet but need a generator for one event or even a few days, our team can assist you with generator hire as well. We have a few options available, from standard to super silent, and a range of extras such as light towers and fuel tanks.
  • We assist with every step of the process, from delivery to generator installation to refueling, disconnection, and eventual removal. Our 24/7 support comes from trained electricians, so you can trust that they do the job right.

Benefits of Buying One of Our Generators for Sale in Melbourne

Consider the following reasons we believe buying a generator might be the best option:
  • When you buy a generator from us, you pay once-off. You get to save money with every additional use of the machine since you already own it and can use it whenever you need.
  • Once you own a generator, you never have to wait for delivery or installation times since you can keep it hooked up to your primary system around the clock. Having to wait for a delivery and installation could take more time than you can spare, which is why having a generator at the ready will always be the better option.
  • Once you have no more use for the generator, you can sell it to make a large portion of your money back.

About Our Generator Service in Melbourne

For more than four years, we have helped many customers obtain reliable access to high-quality new and used generators. Whether you want to buy or rent a generator, we have the professionals ready to assist you. The next time you need generator delivery, installations, servicing, or pickup, remember the name Eastern Generators. We pride ourselves in providing reliable generators with a range of benefits, from customized trailers to competitive prices. Call us now and find the ideal generator to meet your requirements.

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