The Silent Generator Market Growth – Things You Need To Know

The Silent Generator Global Market is expected to grow significantly in the next few years.
This growth is being driven by a number of factors, including the increase in demand for silent generators, the rise in disposable incomes, and the expansion of the construction industry.

This blog provides an overview of the projected growth for this booming market, and highlights some of the key opportunities that will be available for companies operating in this space over the next few years.
If you’re looking to learn more about the silent generator global market, here are some quick points you need to know.

The silent generator market is expected to grow to $3.82 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 9.3%.

The silent generator market promises to be a bustling sector in the years ahead, driven by advancements in noise-cancellation technology and increased customer demand for quieter units.

With a CAGR of 9.3%, this market is expected to grow from its current size of $2.37 billion to $3.82 billion by 2026, showcasing the world’s need for reliable yet silent energy sources that do not disturb the peace of their backyard sanctuary or the general environment around them.

Companies across industries are already positioning themselves as viable suppliers in the ever-growing silent generator market, pulling resources to provide more efficient and eco-friendly units with low sound output capability.

The silent generator market is segmented based on type, power rating, fuel type, application, and end user.

With the increasing demand for electricity generated without creating noise, silent generators are proving to be a viable alternative.

The market growth for silent generators is segmented based on:

  • Type (Portable or Stationary)
  • Power Rating (Up to 25 KVA; 25 KVA- 49 KVA; 50 – 99 KVA; 100- 499 KVA; Above 500 KVA)
  • Fuel Type (Gas, Diesel, or Other Fuel Types)
  • Application (Standby and Peak or Prime Mover)
  • End User (Residential, Commercial, or Industrial)

For example, an airport might require a generator of high power rating coupled with diesel fuel for their backup applications. Similarly, a residential user may opt for a low to medium power rating with the use of gasoline fuel. With the different types of silent generators meeting the different needs of a wide range of industries, it’s not surprising that its growth will continue on an upward trend in the coming years.

The major drivers for the silent generator market growth are the increasing demand for power backup and the rising need for uninterrupted power supply.

Businesses and households worldwide are increasingly looking for reliable sources of power supply to guarantee an uninterrupted flow of electricity.

Australia’s east coast particularly felt the effects of interrupted flow of energy this June of 2022. With five states, including Sydney and Victoria, suffering power outages due to AEMO capoing wholesale prices on Sunday night, resulting in some coal and gas generators taking power plants offline.

To this day, the Australian Government is scrambling for solutions as our electricity bills climb higher month by month. Initiatives such as raising green energy targets and improving technology standards offer hope that this crisis can be tackled head on. It is a fight against an aging infrastructure, a lack of essential resources and population growth.

This is happening all over the world, as a result, the global market for power backup solutions is growing and is becoming more attractive with each passing day. The ever-increasing demand for power backup, coupled with the urgent need to ensure consistent power supply are the major drivers in this market – both factors that have contributed significantly to its growth. Moreover, technological advancements such as grid-edge energy storage have also positively impacted this space, making it a lucrative option both now and going into the future.

Technological advancement are shaping the silent generator market.

With the increasing need for efficient and silent generators, major companies in the industry are heavily investing in research and development of advanced noisy-free generator technology.

These new advancements allow generators to operate without emitting sound pollution since noise pollution can become an issue when these generators are used in residential areas or places with low environmental noise levels. Not only does this enable generator users to confidently utilize their product without worrying about disturbing their neighbors, but it also ensures that operators use the product with confidence.

The improved technology is creating a strong demand in the silent generator market that insists on quality performance along with near silence operations.

Cummins Inc., Generac Holdings Inc., Kohler Co., and Briggs & Stratton Corporation are all major players in this large and ever-evolving sector of power generation. By combining innovative technology, long-term reliability, and unbeatable customer service, these corporations have solidified their positions as four of the most prominent providers of silent generators worldwide.

Whether it is a portable unit or an industrial model that is required, one can expect all four companies to have a suitable solution at hand.
In addition to these companies, Isuzu Power Solutions and SimpliPhi Power have also thrown in their lot in the silent generator market. Isuzu Power Solutions (ISP) launched 3 models of silent generators with different power outcomes (20 KVA, 37 KVA, and 50 KVA) with ulta-quiet sound technology last 2021. While SimpliPhi Power acquired Briggs and Stratton for an undisclosed amount in the same year.

Asia-Pacific is expected to be the largest market for silent generators, followed by North America and Europe.

The silent generator market is anticipiated to take a massive jump in the coming years, and Asia-Pacific is expected to be the leading contributor. Silent generators are particularly beneficial for remote locations as these smaller machines provide less noise, making them an ideal choice for residential use, camping sites, worksites and other such areas.

North America and Europe will follow with sizeable contributions to the market, making it all the more valuable for investors who are looking to tap into this sector. Such generators are cost effective, easy to operate and require little maintenance in comparison with larger generators, allowing both businesses and individuals the perfect power solution.

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In Summary

The silent generator market is expected to grow significantly in the next few years. With increasing demand for power backup and rising need for uninterrupted power supply, the silent generator market is poised for strong growth. Technological advancements are also playing a role in shaping the future of the silent generator market.

Asia-Pacific is expected to be the largest market for silent generators, followed by North America and Europe. If you’re looking for reliable silent generators suppliers, contact us now for an obligation free quote.

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